A couple of things you want to do first when planning a wedding is start thinking about a potential date, start touring wedding venues, and start creating a guest list. These three things will help determine the type of wedding, the theme, and size, which can help dictate the budget for the wedding. When you have a date and a beautiful venue for your big day, you may also want to send out a save-the-date card before sending the formal invitations. The save-the-date card and invitations are also essential steps in the planning process.

Save-the-Date Cards

It’s not a hard rule for couples to send out save-the-date cards, but it is highly recommended. They are especially important if you’re planning a summer wedding or one that falls around a holiday. Many people like to plan ahead, and sending a save-the-date will ensure that guests keep that date open.

  • Save-the-dates should be sent out around four months before the wedding day.
  • Only send them to people you know for sure you want to invite.
  • Don’t send them too early, risking people will forget.
  • Don’t send them too late, risking people will already have made plans.
  • Registry information should be included on the formal invitation.

Wedding Invitation How-To

When to Send Them

Formal invitations should be put in the mail between six and eight weeks before the wedding. This will give guests plenty of time to arrange transportation, book a hotel, find a gift, dog-sitters, etc. This is an exciting part of the planning process and you’ll soon get a better idea of the size of the wedding.

Keep in mind that between 75-85% of people who are invited will attend the wedding, but it may depend on whether they are coming from out of town or not.

Consider setting an RSVP date to ensure that everyone responds on time, giving you enough time to inform the caterer and your wedding venue regarding the number of place settings needed.

What Information to Include

Some general information that you definitely need to include is the “who, what, where, and when.”

  • The name of the bride and groom
  • The purpose of the event
  • The location, including the name of the wedding venue and the city, state.
  • When the ceremony starts
  • The location of the reception, and when it starts.
  • It should be noted if the reception is at the same location as the ceremony

The Wording on the Invitation

The wording that you choose for the invitation can range from casual and funny to informal and clever to traditional and formal. The exact phrasing and the formal or informal feel of the invitation will depend on the overall theme and feel of your wedding. A country rustic wedding may have a more informal tone than a wedding that is held at an upscale country club. There are thousands of phrasing ideas, but ultimately, the invitation is representing you and your significant other, so feel free to make it however you wish!

A Formal Invitation Example:

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wilson
Request the Honor of Your Presence
At the Marriage of Their Daughter
Rachel Wilson
Charles Smith
Saturday, the Twenty Seventh of June
At Six O’clock in the Evening
Woodlawn Gardens
Cleveland, Georgia
Reception to Follow

An Informal Invitation Example:

Rachel Wilson and Charles Smith
Together With Their Families
Invite You to Celebrate Their Marriage
Saturday, June 17th, 2020
At 6:00 in the afternoon
Woodlawn Gardens
Cleveland, Georgia
Dinner and Dancing to Follow

The Design

There are literally endless possibilities when it comes to the design and layout of your wedding invitations. Most couples decide to select a template online or work with a designer to create an invitation that fits the theme, includes your wedding colors, and will give guests an idea of what type of wedding it will be. It’s generally best to keep it simple and add small touches to personalize it.

Sending wedding invitations means that your big day is just around the corner! When you work with Woodlawn Gardens in Cleveland, Georgia, you can be sure that your wedding day is everything you’ve dreamed of.