Touring wedding venues can be challenging, especially when they are generally empty and don’t have the beautiful decorations that would be displayed during an actual wedding. It can be hard to visualize what the space would look like with tables, chairs, and decor that matches your wedding colors and personal style. It can also be frustrating when you do some research online and all of these incredibly fancy and creative images pop up and you instantly become overwhelmed with the possibilities. But don’t stress out! With the right venue and the right plan, you can create a beautifully decorated ceremony and reception space that is everything you’ve dreamed of.

Woodlawn Gardens Can Help!

Located outside of Atlanta in a small country town, our wedding venue has the perfect touch of rustic charm and elegance. If you’re envisioning a country wedding that’s also romantic, our beautiful venue has it all. We offer both indoor and outdoor spaces, a variety of features around the grounds that are perfect for photography, and so much more. We would look forward to helping you plan and decorate the space to make it the perfect fit for your wedding.

How to Decorate Your Wedding Venue

Start With an Overall Theme

There are endless theme options when it comes to weddings, so take some time to think about what best represents you and your significant other. Popular themes, or styles, include rustic farms or country inns, classic banquet halls, vintage buildings, or romantic gardens. The overall theme or style you choose will help you select the type and style of decor.

The colors you choose for your wedding will also influence the decorations. Choose decor that matches or complements the wedding colors. Most brides will select one or two colors and create a design from there. Be careful with how many complementary colors you use, though, as it could quickly become overwhelming and disjointed.

Use the Space

The wedding venue itself can be a significant part of your decorations. If there are wooden beams in the banquet hall, you can hang decor from the, such as lights, ribbons, balloons, or flowers. The ceiling is another opportunity to add some decor. Draping a white fabric across the ceiling is a popular decor option that warms up the space and gives the venue that wedding reception feeling.

Flowers and Greenery

We couldn’t talk about how to decorate a wedding venue without mentioning flowers and greenery. From the entryway, to centerpieces and gift tables, the wedding aisle and wedding arch, along the walls, attached to the backs of chairs — there are dozens of places to arrange flowers and greenery. Flowers, along with super cute vases or containers, create a very welcoming environment. Keep in mind, though, that flowers can be fairly pricey, so be sure to talk with a florist before you get your heart set on ordering a full greenhouse for your wedding.

Utilize Lights

If you’re planning an evening wedding, or even an afternoon into evening, bringing in your own lights can truly create a warm and cozy space. Hang lights from the ceiling, place candles on tables, hang lanterns from trees, or string lights along walkways, there are dozens of ways to utilize lights that add an additional twinkle to the space.

It’s the Small Things

Flowers are a must, but sometimes it’s smaller items that can take a typical wedding venue and turn it into a space that represents your unique style and personality. Consider bringing in cute pillows from home, candle holders, picture frames, lamps with cute lampshades, unique placeholders for each seat, wooden letter initials, chalkboard signs, or table runners. Fill up the space with items that have a similar color or texture to them, and most importantly, items you love.

Don’t Overdo It

There is a fine balance between a beautifully decorated wedding venue and a space that feels like it’s been dumped on with wedding decor. And since the decor doesn’t go up until the day of your wedding, it can be challenging to get it just right. This is why it’s so important to have friends, family, and event staff help you out on your big day.

Woodlawn Gardens in Cleveland, Georgia, has an experienced team who is passionate about helping you create your dream wedding. We understand that the decor is a large part of the overall mood and feeling of the wedding, so we’ll be there to make sure it looks amazing. View our wedding packages, and schedule a tour of the space today!