Deep-rooted in traditional culture and symbolic meanings, the quinceañera is one of the most important traditions in a young Latina woman’s life. Signaling the 15th birthday, the celebration begins with close family and godparents joining the girl at mass, where the church helps welcome the transition of the girl into a woman, now ready for formal dating. After the mass, a reception is held at another location where friends and relatives accompany the crew that leaves the church.

Upon entering the reception, guests partake in food, music, dancing, and games to celebrate the progress in life that this young woman has achieved already. Some of the traditional symbolic actions include choreographed dances, the birthday girl handing off toys to her younger siblings, and the placement of heels on her feet. These actions help signify the “transformation”, and the dance is considered to be one of the main parts of the entire event. Many events will incorporate several toasts and the cutting of a fancy and elegant cake. Quinceañeras are really as elaborate or minimal as the family wishes.

Hosting Your Quinceañera at Woodlawn Garden

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